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Visually storytelling your love ...

The Reel 35 Studio provides couples with matte prints of warm, sepia-toned photographs. From organic candids to portraits with beautiful landscapes as their background, couples can feel confident in receiving classic mementos from their big day.

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Opportunities for real connections

My approach is COLLABORATING with couples to demonstrate their values in a natural + authentic way.

My approach



35mm film format

Romantic Film Photography

for a wild and grainy look developed in our very own dark room.


Hand crafted Photo Boxes

filled with professionally made matte prints and life-long cherished treasures.


Display these beautiful albums

on your coffee table or to decorate with. Tangible albums last a lifetime compared to digitals that can out-date or crash at any time.

Ultimate Wedding Weekend

The best package to cover EVERYTHING  you need! This is ideal for people who want the normal wedding day+family plus some. Unfortunately, the way weddings have been done for centuries does not allow enough time in the wedding day to get private time with your spouse for what I believe is the most important part. Yes, you have a honeymoon. But the day is about YOU. How do you capture your relationship? That is why we go off and spend a second day for the both of you to be relaxed. To truly celebrate what you've created together. Because why shouldn't you extend it? It's your WEDDING FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!

*offer valid for both Elopement & Tiny Weddings

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+Consultation & Client Questionnaire                     +Wedding Album

+Personalized Timeline & Planning                         +High-Quality Prints

+Professionally edited digital photos                        +In-state travel fees included

+Engagement Session(Wedding-Weekend only)               +Sharable Online Gallery





Want to spice things up for date night? How about an intimate photo shoot with your special someone? Want to propose? I'm there! These shoots are my favorite things to create with my couples! Your choice of an in-home/Airbnb session or outdoor adventure! Furry pals are always welcome ♥️ lets boogie!


+Consultation & Client Questionnaire                     +Photo Box+High-Quality Prints

+Personalized Timeline & Planning                         +Sharable Online Gallery

+Professionally edited digital photos                        +In-state Travel fees included




Not getting married? That's okay! Want an empowering session to boost your confidence? Want to celebrate YOU? Let's goooo!
These sessions are limited, so ask about our offers and availability.

*We do not offer family sessions at this time.



+Consultation & Client Questionnaire                     +Photo Box

+Personalized Strategy & Planning                         +Sharable Online Gallery

+Free Outfit Guide                                                                                +In-state Travel fees included

+Professionally edited film negatives



Photoshoot Process

Planning the best day of your life starts with a vision, a designer, and preparedness. It is inevitable for things to

go awry. However, starting months in advance and communicating with your support staff can

help ease the stress when the day comes. I am here for you! Let's start off right, together.


It all starts with

a Photo Consultation

In order for me to understand you, your love, and your vision, it is imperative we have a discovery call. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little bit, and see if we mesh well together. We will be together all day after all. I advise all my clients to do this with a few photographers in order to feel out which creator is best for you and your family. Read my article on 'How to pick the best photographer for your Wedding Day'.

I get it. Being in front of a camera ain't easy. I do not offer a free photoshoot for this step. However, there are options for engagement or bridal shoots before your wedding day to get comfortable with me and my camera.



Design Strategy & Planning here


Visit Location & Finalize Timeline

If we mutually agree we are a great fit for each other and you have filled out the official Bridal Form or Questionnaire answering all the details of your wedding or event, we will continue the process of designing a custom strategy.

If you don't have a planner & are not one yourself, have no fear! I will present a custom timeline for your elopement, wedding, or engagement session for you to go over and send any edits you'd like back to me. It's that simple.

For portrait sessions, I will listen to your vision & present a few ideas for your session for us to collaborate on together.

The final stages of the planning process happens a month before your event. This can be a stressful time for brides + grooms as they are scrambling to piece together the final touches of their day. I will be available to answer any last minute questions or concerns during office hours. We will meet via Zoom or in person, for in-state elopements & weddings, so I can get a head start on preparing lighting and scope for placements. When the day comes, it will be over before you know it! Being prepared will ease the stress of rushing around. You're almost there, you got this!

photo process
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Services not listed:

Maternity, Newborn, Events

Reach out for offers + availability.



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Work with me

READY to take your photography to

the next LEVEL?

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